Nail of the day ( NOTD)

So this Is going to be a new small section of my blog. Nail of the day or NOTD, I’ll post pictures of how I’ve done my nails and what products I used.

First NOTD post consisting of 2 polishes O.P.I “do you lilac it?” A nice light purple not a huge fan of purple but I can handle this one as its not too dark lol, on top I’ve put a cheap glitter polish from Priceline pharmacy called “tropical martini” from the brand Savy never heard of it but it was dirt cheap and is a cool chunky glitter, my nails always last twice as long if I have a glitter polish on top but its a pain to remove anyway hope you like D:




Moving to London

I’m moving to London in a couple of days, we will be travelling from Sydney so quite a long trip but I am so unbelievably excited i’ve only ever been to New Zealand ( where I come from) and Australia (where I live). 

My boyfriends going to be working at Thorpe Park and im going to find a job somewhere in the city,still heaps of loose ends and things that need sorting out but were getting there.

Im going to be making some changes to the blog as well,ill still post Polyvore sets but i’ve got a couple other things I want to start incorporating into the blog regularly. 

Thank you to everyone who’s viewed,commented,liked or followed this blog I really appreciate it!!